Best selling Jhola bags in India

Jhola bags are the traditional bags which have been in use from ancient times. These bags were made out of cotton materials, animal skin, leather or synthetic. These bags were so popular before the 90s but slowly got dimmed due to rapid lifestyle change. But now many social organizations have come forward to bring sustainable lifestyles in line with protecting nature and environment.  Snehan is one of these organizations, where the marginalized women community is trained in making eco-friendly products such as cotton jolna bags and other products. 


Jolna bags are made out of thick cotton materials. These materials are locally made with traditional weave methods. It’s strong and long lasting which can carry heavy things. 


Our bag comes with tons of colors and patterns. These colors are lively and attractive, catching the eyes of many. These Jolna bags are in demand for eco-conscious individuals.


We have more than 5 sizes of Jolna bags, the most popular ones are 15” bags. These ones are used by college students and office staff. These bags can easily carry a laptop, a few books and essential needed things. 


We are aiming to bring back the forgotten tradition in our society.  More and more eco-conscious individuals order these bags from all over India as well as other nations. You’re most welcome to purchase and be the part of eco-conscious citizens of our nation. 

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