Reusable Cotton Bags

“Medium is the message” We all have the responsibility in contributing as little as possible to the two global calamities of climate change. The best formula to keep in mind is to use fewer things, many times, we tend to buy and buy and store them at home without any use. Buy the things that you would defiantly use often.

The plastic bags better or worse than paper? And what about a cotton tote? Let’s rip this tie off right away: There’s no easy answer.

To understand the impact of reusable bags on the environment, one has to hold two very different things in mind. One: Plastic bags do not biodegrade and are stuffing the oceans, marine life, and our food supply with plastic bits. Two: Considering all the other environmental impacts besides litter, a cotton tote or a paper bag may be worse for the environment than a plastic one. Why?

The number of trees that we cut down to make these paper bags and the amount of water we use to make cotton bags are more. But the good news is paper and cotton are degradable, and the trees can be planted but plastic is not so. It stays too longer destroying our earth. Therefore, let’s use reusable products for sustainable living.

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