Cotton Jhola Bags

Cotton Jhola bags were so famous before 1990 in India. Every school going kid would hang these jhola bags on their heads and walk hand free playing with their friends on the way to school. When I was studying in 1985, my mother bought one jhola bag, in fact for me that was a very precious gift. Before I could get this bag, I was using a yellow bag which is made of thin cotton, in those days village people used to travel or buy groceries with this. This yellow bag would hurt my fingers while carrying six books and notes. But this jhola bag gave me joy while going to school because my two hands were completely free to play. I am sure even present Google CEO Sundar Pichai might have used this bag. It’s so convenient to hang on your shoulder or head and walk freely. That’s why Chris Crafts don’t want to ignore this traditional bag but redesigned it for the present generation. Come by and feel the joy…

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