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Leather was invented in the Stone Age when Human Beings were evolving. The primary need at that time was to protect themselves from winter. So Animal skins became the primary item to protect themselves from cold winters. Over time silk and cotton were invented. Then came the secondary needs of transportation and logistics. It was usually difficult to carry a load with two hands. However, a packed cloth can encompass a lot of items and belongings. Hence, the need arrived for Bags. Cloth bag became very popular during 500 BC as stitching and making a Cloth Jhola / Bag is much easier and faster than stitching a Leather material. The lightness and easefulness of making a Jhola / cloth bag made the item quite popular during those days.

The same Jhola bags in 20th took a new fancy look. Chris Crafts manufactures trendy cotton Jhola bags, these are made out of strong export cotton material. The fancy sling bag can be used by college students, office staffs to carry books and laptops. The Eco-friendly bag is durable and washable. The bags are made in three sizes in hundreds of colours. It’s available for purchase in wholesale and in retail. 

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